Move From The Heart

Move From The Heart


February 17, 2020
$40 + GST

Did you know that your heart beats over 100,000 times per day? The wellness of this vital organ is essential to a healthy lifestyle. This workshop combines the cutting-edge exercise, motivation, and dynamic imagery of the Franklin Method with the healing power of plants to improve your circulation, movement, and overall well-being. Show your heart a little love by joining Franklin Method Educator Allison Birt and esteemed Medical Herbalist Bev Maya for a morning of heart healthy herbs, embodied anatomy, and gentle movement.

Bev Maya

Back in university, Bev earned a reputation as a tenacious inquisitive driven to understand nature through science.  Today, as a Medical Herbalist and international speaker, Bev focuses on demystifying Science in Natural Medicine. 

As a generous and passionate speaker, Bev empowers her audience to deconstruct complex ideas into their simplest form and apply this learning in the context of their own health.  

Allison Birt

After a series of injuries prompted her to re-consider a career in dance, Allison transformed her passion for movement as art into a passion for movement as medicine. In addition to being an experienced Pilates teacher, Allison is a Franklin Method Educator, adept at applying mental imagery techniques to embodied anatomy to create lasting positive change in the mind and body. She loves to collaborates with students to help them maximize their physical potential, helping them move through their lives with as much ease and joy as possible.

February 17, 2020
Time: 10:30 AM to 12:00 PM
Moving Spirit Studio
#205-38 Fell
North Vancouver, BRIT. COLUMBIA V7P 3S2 CA
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Spaces Left: 9 Capacity: 12
Event Price: $42.00
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